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WARNING regarding linking your myGov Account to the ATO

When you choose to link your myGov account to the ATO, you will automatically be subscribed to receive eligible letters online as messages through your Inbox.  You will receive a welcome message from the ATO in your myGov Inbox to confirm the service is enabled. By linking the ATO and accepting the ATO myGov terms […]

ATO – Phone Scams

The ATO are reminding tax payers to be wary of phone scams.  At the present time scammers are impersonating ATO employees and demanding payment for outstanding debts or offering an unexpected refund. Phone scammers can be rather aggressive, forceful and at times threatening.  They may tell tax payers that there is a warrant for their […]

Income Test Changes for Seniors Health Card Holders

Social Security Changes to income test for Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC). If you have a CSHC or would like a CSHC you need to be aware of changes to the income test for this concession card. Account based pensions started or altered after 1 January 2015 will be subject to deeming. This income is […]

ATO – Identity Checks

Identity theft and online fraud is increasing and it is important to remain vigilant to identity crime which can lead to concerns not only in the tax system, but for the broader financial community as well. From the beginning of February, the Australia Taxation Office (ATO) began stronger identity checks of individuals, when speaking with them. […]

Single Touch Payroll – Proposed Changes

The government announced on 28th December 2014 of their intention to simplify PAYG tax and superannuation reporting obligations though a new system to be known as Single Touch Payroll. By the use of compatible software, employers or payroll system providers would process their payroll and attend to fulfilling their reporting and payment obligations with the […]

SheppARTon Festival

How exciting, the SheppARTon Festival opens tomorrow. Regrettably we advise that the Festival Wall has been unable to be completed as was planned, but there are still many events in this year’s festival certainly worthy of your time. However, all is not lost. Involving another local community group and asking the same questions we will […]

Director Penalty Regime

What is it? It is a new objective from the ATO which puts the onus on company directors to ensure the compliance with certain taxation and superannuation obligations.  If you are a company director and there are outstanding PAYG Withholding and SGC amounts, you will become personally liable for a penalty equal to these amounts. […]

SheppARTon Festival – Unique Events in Unusual Places

As Business Partners with the SheppARTon Festival we are excited to announce a new collaboration between students from the School of Art and Design at GoTafe, SheppARTon Festival and Stubbs Wallace. Our large, street frontage wall is base-coated and ready for its first unveiling as Diploma of Graphic Design students respond to the Festival theme […]

End of Year Celebrations – What you need to consider?

As business owners and those responsible for the end of year celebrations, which often include an employee Christmas function, it’s important to consider your responsibilities when hosting work-related events. Even if the function is not held at your work premises, if it is a company sponsored event you need to ensure you have addressed and […]