Every year Stubbs Wallace partners with the Shepparton Festival by inviting a community group or local school to produce an artwork in response to the festival theme.

This year Shepparton Access Eco Arts Group were invited to develop a piece in response to the 2022 theme, Thrive. With a focus on resilience, in spite of the pandemic, the group’s artwork conveys their optimistic outlook “Even when a tree might be exposed to a harsh bush fire, it can rejuvenate and often seeds are triggered for germination”.

Lino prints of various seeds and seed pods were cut in equally sized square tiles, the designs transferred onto tiles and meticulously chiselled, rolled with ink and pressed onto paper.

This year’s work will be available to view for an entire year, starting at the 2022 Shepparton Festival.

Artists: Lucy, Maria, Ella, Maddie, Amy, Issy, Gemma, Hope, Justine, Cath & Tessa.

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For more information on the Shepparton Festival visit their Website.

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