SheppARTon Festival 2016 – ‘Be Consumed’

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SheppARTon Festival 2016 – ‘Be Consumed’

The 20th SheppARTon Festival opened on March 4.

Stubbs Wallace are thrilled to be a part of this exciting festival again this year. We are now delighted to have unveiled the Festival Wall in the Carpark at 160 Welsford Street, Shepparton.

The Festival Wall is an exciting collaboration between the Shepparton Arts Festival, Stubbs Wallace and the students of Shepparton Christian College.

This year’s theme ‘Be Consumed’.


SheppARTon Festival Interpretation – ‘Be Consumed’

A trifle is a matter of carful construction. It is a classic dish made with tradition, laden with nostalgia and a dessert of indulgence.

The Shepparton Festival Trifle is made up of 7 layers, each layer of produce representing the ingredients of the festival.

  1. Jelly – Gathering
  2. Cake – Performance
  3. Fruit – Music
  4. Custard – Visual Art
  5. Fruit – Film
  6. Custard – Comedy
  7. Cream and toppings – Friends

The layers also represent the landscape, community, artists, venues, process, production and design that combine to create the festival.

One of life’s great pleasures is scraping back a section of the cream and piercing the custard with a spoon and discovering all the layers of decadence.

Explore the layers and ‘Be Consumed’ by artists, venue, spaces and experiences.

The Shepparton Festival Team & Board


Click here to find out more about the SheppARTon Festival

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