Domestic Violence Leave – Potential Changes for Employers

Domestic Violence Leave – Potential Changes for Employers

Consideration on the need for employers to provide paid leave for employees who are victims of domestic violence has recently been the topic of discussion.

So far two states, Queensland and South Australian have announced the introduction of paid leave provisions and support for public sector employees who are experiencing domestic and family violence.

Although this is not yet introduced in other states, it is likely to be widespread across all states in the future and that the entitlement to domestic violence leave will apply to a broader range of workplaces.

In conjunction with the current Award Review being undertaken by the Fair Work Commission, the ACTU submitted a claim to have a domestic violence clause included into all Modern Awards. If given approval, this could allow for all employees to become entitled to receive additional paid leave and offered support, across a range of issues which arise as a result of domestic and family violence.

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