Lawyers and Accountants Dinner

Lawyers and Accountants Dinner

Arriving at the Connection, men in suits climbed out of cars and ladies were dressed in their finest. Inside the café there was a lot of happy mingling, many groups of chatting people. This was the Shepparton Lawyers and Accountants dinner organised by Goulburn Valley Health Foundation.

While hors d’oeuvres were served, there was plenty of opportunity to mix with the 85 professionals from different offices. Again, through our main course there wasn’t a bit of silence as people got to know each other better.

Justice Peter Riorden was the guest speaker, a man well-known and well-respected in the area.  His speech was well received by all, amid much laughter.  After this, dessert was served and the chatter continued until late.

Overall, it was a great night out to meet other local accountants and solicitors; an enjoyable way to raise money for our local hospital.

Rachel Keen, Auditor

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